Starting over: The return to a healthier life

I had set some health goals up for this year which you can read about here. Thus far, it’s been pretty hard to keep up with them because I’ve learned old habits die hard when it’s winter. I am excited to say that I am FINALLY getting back on the wagon by running and eating healthy. If you want to know how, just keep reading J

Marathon training

As stated in my last Health and Wellness post, due to my wonky ankles and the lack of training during the winter months, I will not be running the Rock n’ Roll Marathon next week (sad face). I feel bad because a friend of mine signed up for the half for moral support. I may see how fit I can get and what I can actually run (this is for you Molly!).

Last week I finally found the inspiration to start running again, and have bought the right kind of brace for my ankle (yay no more pain). I did a 5 mile hike on Thursday, and did my first 4 mile run in over a month on Friday. It’s not easy, but I ran twice this week, and am slowly but surely getting back to it. The awesome thing is that DC weather has been cooperating and it’s been absolutely GORGEOUS. Since I’m not running the full marathon, I’m putting all my efforts on getting ready for the trail Ragnar in Richmond in April (I even bought new trail and road shoes)!

Healthy eating

I still don’t like to cook, and it’s been and up and down adventure. My mom and I have decided to try and do a No Processed Sugar March (this includes bread… ugh). Today is March 1st and all I want is a sandwich filled with a cupcake and three cookies and topped with salted caramel gelato (never had this combination before, but I just want sugar). I know I can do this… I know I can do this! We have prepared overnight oats for breakfast, eating a lot of fruits and putting greens in my smoothies, and I’m going to attempt to cook something (I need to meal prep… I really do). I’ll let you know how I feel, but for now it’s pretty optimistic!

Essential oils

Now this has been going GREAT. I’ve incorporated essential oils in most of my beauty routine. I use Vetiver in my black castor oil to help bring back my edges, and it’s working. I also use Frankincense and Lavender in a lot of my homemade face products, and my acne scars are fading. This is huge! My acne scars are my biggest insecurity and I’m finally seeing them fade.

One of my favorite aspects of the oils is diffusing them in my room. I have a bedtime mix of Vetiver, Marjoram, and Lavender that knocks me all the way out. It usually takes me a bit of time to get comfortable and fall asleep, but this mixture knocks me out within a half hour. Another mix I love to use when I need a bit of a kick in the pants to get stuff done is Vetiver, Peppermint, and Lemon. When this mix is diffusing in my room, I feel like I can get anything done!

A mini testimony about essential oils comes from my mom. She has restless leg syndrome and has the hardest time falling asleep due to it. For the past couple nights she has been drinking one drop of Marjoram in a bottle of water and rubbing it on her legs before going to sleep. She told me she has not had any issues with restless leg, and she falls asleep immediately (this is AMAZING). So in case you’re wondering, the oils are making me a believer! I’m currently not a distributor, but if you have any questions or suggestions about essential oils, please let me know.

I see brighter days coming down the horizon (now that winter is coming to an end). Let me know how your health and wellness goals are going this year; it’s never too late to jump back on the wagon!

With love,



As most of you know I am training for a marathon in March and a trail Ragnar in April. This means a lot of running! This week alone I had the pleasure (said with all sarcasm) of running five miles in the freezing cold rain on Tuesday (I was splashed head to toe by a bus and stepped in several puddles), and running 10 miles on Friday in the freezing cold, miserable and windy DC weather (I DO NOT LIKE WINTER). Every moment of both runs was miserable, but I had to do it. I’m currently on a marathon training plan, no matter what the weather, I have to persevere and run through it all. There are days I would rather sit on my butt, drink hot tea and eat cake while binge watching old episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix; but I can’t because I made a commitment to this race and have to go out running. Besides the cold, the part that really sucks is that I haven’t even lost a pound (ugh, so frustrating)! SO, the one thing that helps me continue to train is the fact that I paid money to run this race and I’m instagraming every step of the way!

In Romans 8:25 is states “But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance.” So for me, in the realm of running, I don’t see the “fruits of my labor” just yet, but I know I’m working hard, and not only will I see a new fit me, but I’ll also finish this dang marathon. And also in Romans 5:3-5 it states that “tribulation produces perseverance, and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint…” To me anything can be considered tribulation, for training it’s the pain I feel right after I run (no one wants constant ankle pains). I’ve learned to persevere through it with the help of an awesome ankle brace. This is building my character to think more about my health and listening to my body, and my hope is that I’ll be a lot healthier come race day, and be able to finish my first marathon!

On a more serious note, I think there are difficulties that we face in our daily lives, and the question becomes are we going to press through the pain and opposition, or are we going to fold and give up. This can be in the realm of our work, relationships, health, finances, school, you name it. Are you doing what you are called to do, and are you persevering towards it no matter how much resistance there is. It won’t be easy, but nothing in life is!

To personally help me, I’ll start blogging about my health journey and be honest with you guys how it’s going (this will help keep me accountable). What have you been persevering through in this current season, and what has helped you to keep going? I look forward to hearing from you.

With love,