I hope you all enjoyed the blog post last week by my friend Mikkee. She is beautiful,  selfless, talented woman who loves people in whatever season they are in. If you didn’t have the opportunity to read it, you can find it here.

If you grew up in the 90’s then you may remember Susan Powter. If not, she was a fitness guru with platinum buzz cut hair who would yell “Stop the insanity”. I think her message was about stop treating your body bad (who knows, I was too young to know/care about what she was yelling about). As an adult, I think she has a point that it’s insane that we continue to do harm to oneself. I do believe this message goes beyond the food we ingest and I’ll explain how.

As some of you know one of my goals this year is to listen to my body more. This includes knowing what foods and products work for me. I will say, it is not easy to listen to your body after years of ignoring it, and it’s a work in progress. I do believe there is one thing more difficult than listening to ones body about food; it is listening to what our soul and spirit need for nourishment.  There are specific relationships, media, places, and situations that are toxic to our being, but insanely enough, we continue to allow it in.

A personal example would have to be the music I listen to while I drive. Now, I will begin with saying that living and commuting in the DC area will make anyone angry. Drivers here just have the special ability (especially on the 495 Beltway) to get on my laaaast nerve. As in the nerve that is holding the rest of me together, and these drivers are coming after it with a sharp pair of scissors, poking and cutting at it. THIS MY FRIENDS is what it is like driving in the DC region (even thinking about driving is irritating me). Anywho, back to my point! I used to listen to anything that was playing on the radio when I drove. I love music, and have to listen to it when I’m in the car. I began to notice that certain types of music were affecting my attitude and emotions while I drove (as a word of caution, listening to Ludacris’ Move song while driving is never a good idea). At first I ignored it because part of me has a love for super ratchet music (I don’t care who you are, there is a ratchet song that you love), but eventually I made the switch to listening to either WGTS 91.9 or the Christian music on my iPod (cause you can’t curse someone out while singing about Jesus… like, you can’t). I will not lie, this has changed my attitude towards DC and Maryland drivers (people from Virginia can’t drive, it’s a fact).

This only represents one example of how I’m trying to listen to my body and what it needs and doesn’t need. One positive lesson I’ve learned is when you take one thing out, you get to fill that space with something new and nourishing (goodbye cheddar, hello goat cheese).

Let me know if you’re on this journey too, and how you are listening to your body’s needs.

With love,


Savoring the Taste

This week is a continuation of last week’s post about seasons. One of my favorite things on the planet to eat are red velvet cupcakes. I could eat a red velvet cupcake every day if my waist would allow it! I even judge bakeries on their red velvet baking skills. Two of my favorite local bakeries, who in my case make the best red velvet, are Fancy Cakes by Leslie in Bethesda Row (featured in the blog photo above, her cupcakes are AMAZING), and Sprinkles in Georgetown for their vegan red velvet cupcakes. The one thing I need to remember whenever I’m ravenously devouring a cupcake is to stop and savor the taste. This is really hard for me because I’m so excited about the delicious $3 gift before me, that I forget to chew and enjoy (I know, the cupcake industry is a total rip off at minimum $3 a pop). My one regret is usually not enjoying what I have while I have it.

This week I want to talk about savoring the taste and enjoying the moment before it’s gone. A few weeks ago, one of our pastor’s spoke about the church’s summer youth camp at a young adult night. He said there were times when he had to step back and savor the taste of what God was doing among the youth at the camp. I feel that there are many times we get caught up in everything that is going on around us, we don’t stop and take it all in. This is a hard lesson to learn, and I’m still trying to figure it out because I’m always rushing from one place to another (constantly thinking about the destination and not the journey).

This week I will try to stop, be thankful for, and enjoy the moments that God has given me. Take time to breath in the fresh, crisp air of fall. Hang out with friends I haven’t seen in a while, or even just take my chubby dog for a nice long walk (she needs to walk more, she’s getting a little round).

What are some things you do to stop and savor the taste of the moments you’ve been given?

With love,


p.s. Speaking of tastes, I’m an “okay” cook. I take a lot of recipes from Pinterest. Please let me know if you would like to see posts about some of my Pinterest recipes attempts. Some of them may turn out edible, while others are epic failures!