Rest: Taking time to refuel

I think one of the hardest activities for us as humans is just to rest. Yoga instructors say the hardest pose for students is usually Savasana, you just lay on your back not moving, with minimal thinking. How hard can it be? It’s really hard! I challenge you just to lie on your back without moving/getting distracted for 10 minutes; if you succeed, let me know. Back to the point of this blog, why is it so hard for us to just rest?

I remember when I was still working full-time, some co-workers would talk about how they hadn’t gone on vacation in years. One co-worker would brag about how she hadn’t gone on vacation in five years… FIVE YEARS!!!!! Like why? You looked stressed all the time, this is why you get vacation, I hope she’s taken a vacation! And then there are those who go on vacation and are still checking/replying to emails… just enjoy your time of rest. Delete the email app off your phone and sleep, read, go hiking, dance, shower, I don’t know… anything but work. And to those who get sick leave, if you are sick, use it and get better. I don’t want to be on a conference call with your sick self… REST! I beg you, stop working and rest. There is a time to work, and there is a time to rest; even The Lord rested on the seventh day… shouldn’t you?

Personally I am in a season of rest, and I’m not going to lie… it’s hard. And I believe the reason it’s hard is because as adults, we feel guilty for resting. Granted, we are called to work, no matter what that looks like; from being a homemaker, a student, or even the CEO of a Fortune 500 business. I know I mention this in a few blogs, but I resigned from my job in November, and it is February (#Funemployed). Part of me wants to hit the pavement running, but I know during this time I just need to rest, because when the next season hits, I will look back and regret the day I didn’t take advantage of this time. So I’m working on resting in Him, without feeling guilty, as I prepare for the next super busy season!

Now rest looks different for everyone; some just need to sleep, while others shop, rearrange their homes, or need to be out in nature taking a walk, sitting on a beach, kayaking… you name it. So whatever your rest looks like, don’t forget to do it! Personally, I’m enjoying this time having moments with God, reading, running, blogging, and hanging with family and friends. My guilty pleasure during this season is being able to enjoy Gossip Girl (I’m on season 5, almost done)!

Please let me know if you’ve gone through a season of rest (be it a few days or maybe a few years), and let me know you did during that time. If you are in a busy season, let me know what you do to refuel (how do you find rest in the chaos).

With love,



O! M! Goooooodness!!!!!! Scarves, boots, jeans, colorful leaves, and PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING!!!!!! For those of you in the Mid Atlantic/Northeastern United States, we are so lucky because we get to experience the wonder that is FALL!!!!!!

September in DC is kind of a tease. We’ll have cool crisp mornings (in the 60s/70s), then blazing hot afternoons (upper 80s/lower 90s). I’ll even check the future weather forecast several times a day hoping to see fall temperatures (no matter how much you check the weather app in a day, the temperature rarely changes). This transition time stinks for the girl who wants to bundle up, but ends up being forced to strip down due to the high temperatures in the afternoon. I get glimpses of the essence of fall (i.e. I whip on a scarf and sweater with the biggest grin on my face), but at the same time a reminder that this area can still be hit with summer’s unrelenting heat (I’ll look fall on top, but will summer up the bottom with sandals).

I’m currently feeling I’m in a transition season now, and I’ll be honest, it’s not easy. I can see glimpses of what’s to come, and I want to prepare everything for the next season of life. At the same time, I’m reminded that the current season I’m walking out of is not over. IT IS SOOOO HARD to stay engaged and present when you are soooooo ready for the next wardrobe God will put you in. I talk, dream, and journal about the next season, but that won’t make this one end any faster! I’m constantly checking in with God to see if He’ll make this time fly by, but alas… time is still going at the same pace, no matter how much I check.

I’m learning seasons do not transition overnight. Just because Starbucks released its Pumpkin Spice Latte after Labor Day, does not mean the temperature will automatically change that day. In the DC area is takes weeks (and I mean weeeeeeeks) for a reduction in temperature, for the leaves to change, and for me to not feel like a fool sweating in my scarf while I burn my tongue on a raging pumpkin flavored beverage (side note… how in the WORLD does Starbucks heat their water to the same temperature as the sun? Nobody knows….). Just like it takes actual seasons to transition, so it will in my life. So instead of looking foolish trying to live in the future, I’m just going to try my darndest to enjoy the season I am in now (to be honest, I own cute summer dresses, so it shouldn’t be too hard)!

What new season are you excited about, and how are you enjoying the end of the season you are in now?

With love,