Bearing fruit: Reaping what you sow in life

AH! Spring is here, and for us mid-atlanticers this means the start of our local fruit season (there is way more fruit in the summer, and we at least get tomatoes during this time). I love being able to eat local fruits and veggies that are picked when their ripe, that aren’t flown in from thousands of miles away. How much nutrients does a fruit have when it is picked off the vine prematurely? I have no idea, but it’s worth asking. I have one friend who enjoyed reminding me that avocados eaten in California (where they grow) taste way better and are a lot less stringy (I didn’t even know avocados were stringy) than those consumed in DC (we can’t grow avocados). This had me thinking, what does the fruit of our lives say about us?

Most people have heard the expression you reap what you sow, and I can attest that this is so true (for the most part). If you sow in the time and energy to cultivate an authentic and balanced friendship, you usually reap the benefits of a trustworthy lifetime friend. Another example would be if I sow in the time to study for a big test, I should reap the benefits of a good grade on that test. I will warn you, like the stringy avocados eaten in DC by a Californian, not all fruit are good. If you sow negativity and hate, you’ll reap negativity and hate. The “reap and sow” can be used in so much, and I’ll give you a personal example.

Last week I posted a blog about obedience and walking out your calling. This is still striking true today. I am currently walking through a season of trust and obedience with The Lord, and walking out what He’s calling me to do (big and small). This includes humbling myself and apologizing to people whom The Lord convicts me that I have done wrong to, forgiving people 100% for things I felt they have been done wrong to me, and spending time with/reaching out to people He’s laid on my heart, etc. This all may sound easy written down, but it’s not. Admitting you’re wrong and facing that person? Not always the easiest. And forgiving someone who truly hurt you? Some events and feelings we don’t want to relive. But I will say, I feel light, free, joyful, and chock-full of LOVE!!!!! Not only is this improving how I feel, but I have closer and genuine relationships with those around me. All in all, it feels good.

Now I won’t say that I’m walking in 100% obedience, I’m still a very stubborn girl at heart, but it’s something I’m working through (example: The Lord wanting me to chat it up with a complete stranger on the street, sometimes I’d rather keep it moving). As I’m seeing the fruit of all this obedience to His nudging, I’m trying to listen for His promptings more and truly practicing what I preach.

Is there an aspect of your life where you are seeing/reaping the fruit of what you’ve been sowing? Have you been sowing into something for a while and not seen the fruit yet? Let me know in the comments below.

With love,


Obedience: Walking into your calling

I know it’s been a while, and I have big news (YAY!). This summer I’ll be heading out to Pemba, Mozambique from May to August with Iris Ministries’ Harvest School. This is huge because the one thing I thought was lacking in my work was being able to serve the poor. I went into international development wanting to make a difference in the lives of people who are affected by the HIV epidemic. Once I started working, I was so far removed from the “frontline” that I felt that I wasn’t making a big difference, and I wasn’t forming personal relationships with the people that God has called me to love.

With this being said, I’m excited to finally get back to basics, loving on people, and hopefully taking you all on this journey. I do what I do because I just can’t stop loving people; SO, as of May, I’ll be blogging about my experience in Mozambique (please pray for decent internet)!

Now to the main point of this post; walking out your calling through obedience. Getting to this place where I’m off to Mozambique took a lot of internal wrestling with God, a ton of faith and trust, and of course obedience. The Lord had dropped going to Pemba in my heart about a year ago, but I wanted to ignore it because I had a career, comfortable living, and I love the people I surround myself with here in the DC area. I believe the hardest part for me was walking away from my career. This includes all the time I spent in graduate school AND the amount of loans I have accrued (trust me… I owe enough to make 5 grown men cry).  I know I could have continued in my career, moving up the development ladder writing proposals and putting out “fire drills”, but my heart wasn’t in it and I didn’t have peace about it. I know to the outside world, it may look completely insane, and it won’t necessarily be easy, but everything is falling into place in the way that only God can do it!

Now here I am, finally being obedient to what God is calling me to do next, and I have amazing peace about it. Walking in obedience is not easy, and there are times I want to turn to God and say “I got this” or “I think my plans and what I want to do is better”.  I’ve tried doing “my own thing” in the past, and it’s never turned out the way I thought, but when I face my fears and do what He’s calling me to do, everything falls into place, and it’s always better than I could imagine (never the way I thought it would). As I prepare to go, He’s taking me a journey of trust and faith. Because I’m not working, I’m fundraising for my trip (I’ve never fundraised for a trip in my life). Instead of trusting in my own finances, I legit have to trust God in paying my way.

God has a calling and a purpose for everyone, but we have a choice if we want to walk in it, or try and figure out our own path. Has there ever been a time when God has called you into something, and when you finally took the first step, you realize it’s AMAZING!!!! Or has he put something on your heart, and the vision seems so overwhelming, you don’t know where to start. Comment below and let me hear your experiences, or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

With love,