I was going to post about persistence this week, but with the ice storm we just had in the DC area, the Lord put a new topic on my heart. I woke up this morning to a world covered in a thick layer of ice. My neighborhood was frozen in time with the appearance of lifelessness (I haven’t left the house today, I sent the dogs out to fend for themselves… they survived). If you take a closer look, you can see my neighbors are still doing life, just inside. Inside my home, my family FINALLY decided to decorate our Christmas tree while listening to old school Christmas songs. Today reminded me to not let the world harden your heart, because warmth will keep it beating.

Recently on social media, there have been a lot of posts on the heartbreaking events going on in Aleppo. This Syrian city has been destroyed by both militant rebel groups and government military fighting for the right to own plots of land. I’m no expert on foreign politics (I’m not even well versed in American politics), but I do know innocent civilians are being murdered, raped, and displaced for no reason while the international community has staying relatively quiet. The silver lining is through the silence, there are the unsung heroes who are in Syria helping no matter what the costs.

I will say besides praying on my own and reposting on FaceBook, I haven’t done anything practical to help. I think I was so overwhelmed with what is going on, it’s easier to turn a blind eye and concentrate on the holiday season than to acknowledge the inhumane events that are taking place in Aleppo. Today I realized I had hardened my heart to people who need help and a sense of hope. This is the season that the church preaches hope, but are we practically showing the love of Christ? I know not everyone is called to book a flight and head out to Syria (I know I’m not), but maybe instead of buying gifts for family and friends, donate that money to a cause that can help, or really pray on how you can help. I’m currently looking up which organization I want to donate to as a gift to my family.

Even if it’s not for the Syrian crisis, what cause is God really tugging on your heart about? It could be the local homeless community, buying gifts for children whose parents are in prison or are hospitalized, spending time with the elderly, or reaching out to that friend who feels alone during the holidays. All I ask is don’t harden your heart to the people who really need you; I know I’ve FINALLY had a change of heart!

With Love,



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