I will admit, this is not an easy post to write. A song that I am really loving this year is “Mercy” by Amanda Cook. My favorite lyric in the song is when she sings “Mercy triumphs over judgement.” I truly think this song really speaks to Americans during this current election cycle.

For those of you who are not American, we will be voting in our new President This Tuesday, November 8th. The current forerunners are Secretary Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and Mr. Donald Trump (Republican). In the past, there has usually been “friendly” (I use the term loosely) opposition between the Democratic and Republican parties. This cycle has been a lot different and not in a good way. Personally, I’ve never seen such a divide between the two parties. It’s insane the harsh comments and the outrageous debates people are saying about each candidate and their followers. Even the candidates themselve are hitting way below the belt than usual. Instead of attacking policies, they are attacking each other’s personal lives and family members. Another new development in this election is a larger than normal percentage of registered voters are undecided (it would be kinda funny if the Independent or Green Party candidate take this election by surprise).

As a believer (not to be confused with a Belieber), I don’t know when we were given the authority to be judges? A lot of my FaceBook friends, who tend to be church going Christians, have posted some pretty judgy posts or comments about each candidate (I include myself in this). Comments beyond their politics that don’t edify or bring life, but really tear down who they are as a person. We are taught in church that we are ALL made in the image of God, and that Christ died for all (not some, but all). I think of the story of Paul, who was kind of a horrible person, but who was  shown mercy and wrote the majority of the New Testament. This brings me to my point, If God (who judges all) can show us mercy, then why can’t we (who aren’t called to judge) show mercy to these two people. These candidates, and those voting for them, are sons/daughters, parents, husbands/wives, siblings, etc. They are people who make mistakes, and need mercy, and A LOT of love.

My challenge as you go vote, and this is for me too, is to find something positive about each candidate. It’s easy to dig up the dirt and point out the flaws, but try and find that piece of gold, and try and see them through The Father’s eyes. For both candidates I see overcomers, and I’ll explain how below:

Hillary Clinton: Despite everything that happened to her in the 90’s, she still kept her vows and stayed by her husband’s side. That to me is a woman who keeps her word

Donald Trump: No matter what the media puts out about him, he hasn’t folded or backed down. He has confronted each criticism head on, instead of letting it steamroll him over.

So try out this challenge and let me know what you come up with below. And despite your views, one of them will still be the leader of our nation, and we are called to respect that!

With love,



2 thoughts on “Mercy

  1. Thanks for the reminder tifa. This didn’t just help me shift my mindset toward the election, but it resignated in other relationships in my life.

    You’re awesome

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