O! M! Goooooodness!!!!!! Scarves, boots, jeans, colorful leaves, and PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING!!!!!! For those of you in the Mid Atlantic/Northeastern United States, we are so lucky because we get to experience the wonder that is FALL!!!!!!

September in DC is kind of a tease. We’ll have cool crisp mornings (in the 60s/70s), then blazing hot afternoons (upper 80s/lower 90s). I’ll even check the future weather forecast several times a day hoping to see fall temperatures (no matter how much you check the weather app in a day, the temperature rarely changes). This transition time stinks for the girl who wants to bundle up, but ends up being forced to strip down due to the high temperatures in the afternoon. I get glimpses of the essence of fall (i.e. I whip on a scarf and sweater with the biggest grin on my face), but at the same time a reminder that this area can still be hit with summer’s unrelenting heat (I’ll look fall on top, but will summer up the bottom with sandals).

I’m currently feeling I’m in a transition season now, and I’ll be honest, it’s not easy. I can see glimpses of what’s to come, and I want to prepare everything for the next season of life. At the same time, I’m reminded that the current season I’m walking out of is not over. IT IS SOOOO HARD to stay engaged and present when you are soooooo ready for the next wardrobe God will put you in. I talk, dream, and journal about the next season, but that won’t make this one end any faster! I’m constantly checking in with God to see if He’ll make this time fly by, but alas… time is still going at the same pace, no matter how much I check.

I’m learning seasons do not transition overnight. Just because Starbucks released its Pumpkin Spice Latte after Labor Day, does not mean the temperature will automatically change that day. In the DC area is takes weeks (and I mean weeeeeeeks) for a reduction in temperature, for the leaves to change, and for me to not feel like a fool sweating in my scarf while I burn my tongue on a raging pumpkin flavored beverage (side note… how in the WORLD does Starbucks heat their water to the same temperature as the sun? Nobody knows….). Just like it takes actual seasons to transition, so it will in my life. So instead of looking foolish trying to live in the future, I’m just going to try my darndest to enjoy the season I am in now (to be honest, I own cute summer dresses, so it shouldn’t be too hard)!

What new season are you excited about, and how are you enjoying the end of the season you are in now?

With love,



5 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. Thanks for this post Tifa! I’m learning that God often reveals His plans in increments and being someone who just came out of a transition period, i totally understand how you feel. But I thank God for transitions. I know that I wouldn’t be able to handle abrupt change without some type of preparation. Transition periods are just another manifestation of Our Father’s love in being a good shepherd.

  2. So happy this post spoke to you! It’s definitely something that’s hard to walk through, but we always appreciate it when we’re on the other end. There are very few people who are comfortable with abrupt change, and like you, I’m not one of them!

  3. I love this post for so many reasons! If only it were as easy as swapping out clothes from the previous season, but the truth is many seasons trickle in. Some days, similarly to our recent weather patterns still feel like the season we “thought” we had “officially” transitioned out of and other days feel like we are definitely in our “new” season. God’s seasons too seem to be transitional, so instead of of viewing our seasons from summer to fall to winter, maybe our seasons are more like summer to the end of summer to almost fall, and then finally to the “official” fall. 🙂

  4. Love your insight! And I think it can also be relevant for when we are starting to transition into hard seasons too (I’m not a huge winter fan). We usually know it’s coming, and we prepare for the hardships ahead, but at the same time, we know it’s only for a “season” (sometimes it feels like FOREVER).

  5. I love this post, so practical. I think people forget-myself included, that in the Spiritual Realm there are shifts. I agree with Pascale, transition is so needed, because when you actually start walking in the newness that GOD has for you, there is a greater sense of appreciation. Transition also of course requires reliance on GOD.

    To answer your question posed above-I am excited about the season where I can finally say that I have accomplished a glimpse of one aspect of the vision(s) that the LORD has laid on my heart from prior years. Of course meanwhile like yourself, I am trying to just to stay present, and make the most of NOW. Thanks Tifa! Clink Clank to tea cups meeting!

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