No longer a slave to fear

I’ve always loved singing. You can ask any of my friends, whenever I have a chance, I will break out into song and dance (and I’ll do it anywhere), I’ll even make up random songs about nothing.

One of my favorite things is to sing worship. I LOVE WORSHIP!!! Something about singing songs to and about Papa God just changes the atmosphere. No matter what kind of day I’m having, singing and praising can change it for the better. There’s a song called “Oh Mighty One” by Incense and Arrows. The part of the song which I LOVE is when they sing “Worship is my warfare, My praise is a weapon,” and this is so true!

Story time: I’ve always wanted to try out for our churches worship team, I’ve always felt like I’ve had a calling to lead worship in a church setting. I have to say, our church has some of the BEST worship and worship leaders I have ever heard!!! With that being said, I have always had a fear about trying out for the worship team. I had a fear that I would not be good enough to sing with what I considered the best of the best (you should hear the vocals on these leaders, and how they usher people into worship). Also, do I have the right gifting to lead people in worship?

Seven months after I started going to my church, there was a call for worship leaders and musicians (YAY). Only problem is, this means I would have to try out… So I prayed about it, and reluctantly signed up for a spot. Three days before auditions, I receive the song (Come to the River by Housefires II) that I had to sing both lead and harmony. To be honest, I had NEVER heard this song… and to me, I didn’t think it was an easy song (I was expecting to sing hot cross buns, and they gave me the Star Spangled Banner).

Fast forward to D-day (audition day), I am super nervous, AND there is traffic getting to the church (talk about fears and anxiety coming to life). I get to church on time, and they are finishing up another audition. 10:30am comes around, and it’s not my turn. After a short interview with the team, I get on stage with the band… my moment to shine! As I opened my mouth to sing, I didn’t know if my breakfast or a note would come out (yay nausea), but as I sang, the feeling disappeared, and I loved every moment of it. A week after the audition, I found out I MADE IT!!!! So yah, I stared fear in the face, said not today, and am now doing something that I believe The Lord has put on my heart.

There are gifts, paths, and purposes in life that The Lord has laid out for us. The sad thing is, a lot of the time we miss out because of fear. All fear does is replace trust, hope, and faith. Do not fear anything… and even if you do fall, Papa is holding out His hand to catch you, dust you off, and guide you forward.

Let me know of a time when you’ve stared fear in the face and said “Not today!” in the comments below.

With Love,



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