This is me!

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! I wanted to start this off by introducing myself, so you have an idea who is on the other side of this writing.

I want to say I am your typical 30 something trying to make it in the big city, but when I think about it, this isn’t the whole picture (I am 30 something, and I do work in DC, sooooo… that part is true).

My family is Congolese (Kinshasa not Brazzaville), so I have strong ties and a heart for
Africa. I was born in the deep of deep souths… in Alabama (can one get anymore deeper south than that?). Growing up until now, I have lived in 6 different states, Quebec, and Malawi.

In school I stuck to the sciences because I’m a HORRIBLE writer (you may be wondering why I’m writing a blog, I’ll explain in more detail below). This love for the sciences has lead me into a career in public health. I currently get to do two of my favorite things and get paid for it, travel (I really love traveling, been to 11 different countries and counting) and contribute towards the end of the HIV epidemic (primarily in Africa). I could go on and on about the current HIV epidemic and my thoughts around it, but I’ll spare you this time!

My heart for this blog is to share my weekly revelations. I was planning on doing a vlog (because I have the writing skills of an infant), but I decided I should probably start with blogging first, then see if y’all have an interest in seeing vlogs in the future. Majority, if not all, of the post will come from my personal experiences and how God is teaching me to walk through this adventure called life. Some of these lessons have taken years to learn, others, I’m still walking them out. My prayer and hope is that these revelations inspire you as much as they inspired me.

So sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and take a moment to just sit and rest in HIM.

With love,




8 thoughts on “This is me!

  1. Awesome lil sis! I will be keeping up witcha on here!! Excited to see how God flows in your life thru travel and ministry works!!

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